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Mary Bowen


A life of dual development, Pilates and Yourself! They grow together.

Our “authority” comes from our depth of focus and work on where we have the most trouble with ourselves, our greatest area of undevelopment, frustration and even despair. Dealing our whole lives with that area is a creative and spiritual journey, totally worth the work. Each Pilates teacher and each Pilates client has the potential to be involved in this process. It is a natural process.
Our area of personal difficulty lies in the unconscious which is the larger part of each one of our psyches. The great Swiss physician/psychologist/ psychiatrist: Carl Gustav Jung’s work unlocked and made available the growing of our “Whole Selves.” Among his many discoveries of the human psyche, he uncovered and clarified the typological structure of the psyche, the “four ways” in which we learn and experience life: 1) Thinking, 2) Feeling, 3) Sensation (the body) and 4) Intuition.
It is how this typology is useful in the teaching and learning Pilates that I am sharing with you at this second Summit..

DATE: 20 June 2021
PST 8:00 AM
EST 11:00 AM

CEST 5:00 PM

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Register before April 15th
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30% Early Bird discount!